Project Mayhem

Update 20 oktober: Onderdeel van Project Mayhem is TYLER. Zo kan Anonymous de nieuwe WikiLeaks worden. Als het lukt. Het in het nauw gebrachte WikiLeaks desintegreert en Anonymous neemt het over. Decentraal en daarom beter bestand tegen het counterterrorisme van de regering-Obama. De lancering van TYLER bezegelt het einde van de samenwerking tussen Anonymous en WikiLeaks. Een logische ontwikkeling. Zie bij reacties.

Ontlenen en herschikken doen het ‘m. Als basis dient een voorbeeld uit de populaire cultuur. Amerikaans. Iets dat diepzinnigheid en maatschappijkritiek oproept. Zo velen aanspreekt. Maar ook weer niet te ver gaat door werkelijk politiek ondermijnend te worden. Dat schrikt af. Ofwel, vaagheid binnen ruime contouren. Zeg, een film als Blade RunnerThe MatrixProject X. Of Fight Club uit 1999 van David Fincher. Met Edward Norton en Brad Pitt. Over een ondergrondse vechtclub die koerst op revolutie. Of apocalyps. Project Mayhem is geboren.

Aanduidingen naar sociale media en internetcultuur maken het plaatje rond. Bij Anonymous met robotstem, masker en vaste woordkeuze is het aantrekkelijk lenen. Concreet genoeg om niet alles uit te hoeven leggen. Het verplicht tot niks en speelt in op bewustwording. Tientallen filmpjes op YouTube verwijzen naar Project Mayhem. Iedereen kan meedoen en beweging geven aan de tegenbeweging. Bewuste burgers lekken samen informatie van 12 tot 21 december 2012. Vederlicht scheert de revolutie langs de oppervlakte. Dat u het weet.

Foto: Edward Norton en Helena Bohham Carter in eindscène van ‘Fight Club‘: Everything’s Gonna Be Fine


3 gedachten over “Project Mayhem

  1. Valt op dat je V for Vendetta niet noemt. (In die film zit trouwens opvallend weinig aan social media – er is alleen tv. Misschien dat de makers hebben gedacht dat zoiets in een orwelliaanse maatschappij niet zou bestaan?)


  2. Anonymous speaks up
    by John Robles

    Anonymous spoke out after the publication of my last piece on the WikiLeaks-Anonymous breakup and it does not look as if there will be any “kissing and making up” this time. In fact Anonymous is soon to release TYLER which, for all intents and purposes, may spell the end for WikiLeaks.

    The plot thickens in the Anonymous/WikiLeaks break up. Yesterday I wrote a piece on the falling out between WikiLeaks and Anonymous at the end of which I asked Anonymous or WikiLeaks to contact me, my readers have asked to let them know if I hear from them, which I have, so here is the follow up.

    I am still waiting for an answer from Hrafnsson and WikiLeaks and quite frankly I am a little concerned. However Anonymous was kind enough to answer within hours after the publication of my article with no attempts by me at finding them. They found me themselves in a very impressive and prompt manner.

    My contact with them was very cordial and the members I communicated with were very polite and well-mannered. To begin with they were kind enough to point out to me that their position was made clear in their official press release on the WikiLeaks paywall matter (LINK 1), which anyone interested in the matter should take a few minutes to read. The press release details some of the activities that the group took to defend WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and the level of sacrifice that they have shown pales in comparison to a request to get rid of a paywall.

    Their actions against MasterCard Visa and Paypal in support of WikiLeaks ended with 14 members all facing 15 year sentences, Jeremy Hammond who provided the Stratfor Global Intelligence files in prison facing 20 years, Bradley Manning facing life and the list goes on.

    Anonymous has taken issue with the fact that not a single member of WikiLeaks has been prosecuted except for Assange whom they referred to as the besieged leader. The problem with the paywall is that the information was supposed to be provided to the people, you and me, for free and they say the paywall is an attempt to “sell” the information.

    Anonymous is also upset that the focus has been taken away from the “leaks” and is now only on Assange and WikiLeaks. In their statement they say, “We will NOT attack the web assets of WikiLeaks, as they are media. We do not attack media. Any future attack on the WikiLeaks servers attributed to Anonymous is a lie. But what we will do is cease from this day all support of any kind for WikiLeaks or Julian Assange. No longer will Anonymous risk prison to defend WikiLeaks or Julian Assange from their enemies. No longer will Anonymous risk prison to supply material for WikiLeaks disclosures. Anonymous turns it’s back on WikiLeaks.”

    Anonymous also promises to release secret files about WikiLeaks in the next few days. We will wait and see what those are.

    In one of my contacts with Anonymous one of the Hacktivists said, and I quote: “Anonymous isn’t a centralized entity, so any statement saying ‘Anonymous does/does not support X’ is utterly without meaning. …some people who claim to be spokespeople for Anonymous say they no longer support Wikileaks. This implies a fundamental misunderstanding of what Anonymous is.”

    Anonymous did fill me in on Project Mayhem 2012 which will go ahead without WikiLeaks. One of the main aspects of the project which is designed to expose corruption malfeasance and counter internet censorship is called TYLER, which is to go out of beta testing mode on November the 5th (Guy Fawkes Day) and go live on December 21, 2012 (End of Mayan calendar and some say end of the world day).

    TYLER will be like WikiLeaks on steroids according to Anonymous. The structure of the system will be massive, encrypted and completely decentralized. Its structure will also be impregnable to censorship and it will not require the massive funds WikiLeaks has needed to operate. They claim it will require no money.

    TYLER is just a small part of Project Mayhem and is in response to the United States government and its Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Anonymous said that before December 21st, “all insiders, moles, and whistleblowers worldwide will release an unprecedented amount of corporate, financial, military and state leaks onto TYLER.”

    Finally Anonymous reminded me that they are not represented by single entity and never will be. “The power of Anonymous comes from the Hivemind not any individual. Whover states the contrary is trying to use the name of Anonymous for a personal agenda, whatever that might be or trying to misinform the public.

    Unfortunately for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange the launching of TYLER and the loss of their most powerful supporter and largest source may spell their demise. I was hoping this wasn’t true but it really looks like there will be no kissing and making up this time.

    Thanks to Anonymous for taking the time to contact me and fill me in on the developments, I am still waiting for a response from WikiLeaks and would love to hear their side on this. Will keep you all informed, lot’s of things on the back burner.


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