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Rick Wiles spreekt namens God. Zo meent hij in zijn hoogmoed

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My comment: It is impossible God is speaking through Rick Wiles. If there is a God he/her/it can speak for him/her/it-self. Why should God speak through Wiles? Pretending one can speak on behalf of God is blasphemy. Wiles is not a serious and sound theologian nor a theological scholar. Otherwise he would not talk nonsense which is contrary to the doctrine of Christianity.

Rick Wiles is a fraud with a great imagination and probably a still bigger wallet he fills because of the faithfulness of his believers who are entrusted to him. Rick Wiles misuses that trust. Rick Wiles is big religious business who endangers the safety and social cohesion of the U.S..

Rick Wiles is a not a patriot, but a pseudo preacher who misuses and denies Christianity. Rick Wiles should be charged with abuse of religion, because he acts for his own interest.

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