Amerikaanse rechtse organisatie ‘American Majority’ verspreidt video waarin Boris Johnson Trump aanvalt. Ofwel: steun Farage

President Trump bezoekt komende week het Verenigd Koninkrijk en Frankrijk. In de aanloopt daartoe heeft hij een interview aan The Sun gegeven. Tegen alle diplomatieke gebruiken in verbreekt Trump het protocol door zich positief uit te laten over Boris Johnson die zich kandidaat heeft gesteld om premier Theresa May op te volgen als partijleider van de Conservatieve partij. En daarmee ook haar opvolger als premier wordt. Trump zegt ‘But I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent’ wat nog net geen officieel stempel van goedkeuring is. Voor de rechts-christelijke Amerikaan Ned Ryun van de organisatie American Majority die zich afficheert als ‘conservatief’ is dat een schrikbeeld. Zijn organisatie komt met een video met knip- en plakwerk waaruit moet blijken dat Boris Johnson niets van Trump moet hebben. Dit is bedoeld om Johnson de pas af te snijden en Trump te laten kiezen voor Nigel Farage die volgens de rechtse-christen Ryun een betere keuze zou zijn. Dit is de mimicry, alternatieve rechtse politici als Trump en Ryun die zich voordoen als conservatieven en vanuit die positie menen conservatieven in andere landen de maat te kunnen nemen.

Mijn reactie bij deze video:

Ned Ryun asks the right question, but does not answer him. Namely how it is possible that Farage (and Arron Banks) started a new party in just 6 weeks that had a large budget for a campaign. But the origin of that money is unclear, so it is also unclear whether Farage and Banks have played according to the rules.

There is a strong suspicion that this money comes from Russian oligarchs who are related to the Kremlin. In 2018 a criminal investigation was launched into the origins of the campaign money from Banks’ Leave campaign by the British Public Prosecution Service.

Incidentally, the convinced pro-EU parties in the recent European Elections, namely the LibDems and the Greens, achieved a higher score than the Brexit Party. This means that a small majority of the British population voted against a Brexit in the recent elections. The Tories and Labour are divided and not explicitly pro or anti-EU.

The 2016 referendum never asked what kind of Brexit the British people wanted. That can be remedied by a second referendum, which is actually a third referendum on this subject after the 1975 referendum that asked the British “Do you think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?” This was answered positively with 67% of the votes.

Why American right-wing Christian politicians think they should interfere with British politics is a mystery. ‘American Majority’ is vague about the origin and authenticity of the video with Boris Johnson. The question is to what extent the video has been doctored.

Ryun forgets that Banks and Farage have no seat in the House of Commons that is central to British politics. Farage is on the sidelines in Brussels and when the UK leaves the EU, these British seats disappear in the European Parliament. So that Banks and Farage and their party are no longer represented at all at any level in British politics. That lack of a power base is a reality that the US government has to take into account.

The question that this intervention from Ned Ryun and ‘American Majority’ primarily raises is what values they represent. Their tactics seem to be derived from the alt right movement that does not deal with the facts with great precision, rather than from traditional conservatives who swear by the rule of law, the separation of powers and a resilient and lively democracy.

This video therefore seems to expose mainly Ned Ryun. More than Boris Johnson about whom it is publicly known that he deals with stupid statements, thoughtlessness and rude remarks.

Nothing new under the sun. ‘American Majority’ warms up old news for domestic profiling and fundraising. The news provision is thus corrupted with fake news due to self-interest. Real conservatives know better.

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