The Real News: Let’s not be bipolar, Paul Jay

Het zijn niet alleen rechts-populisten of rechts-nationalisten die de gevestigde orde ondermijnen en het liefst in een Leninistische kladderadatsch het leed en de chaos willen opjagen om op de puinhopen een nieuwe samenleving te bouwen. Als het daar dan nog ooit van komt. Het zijn ook links-radicalen van de loony left die er een handje van hebben om los van de feiten tot oordeelsvorming te komen. Ze zweren bij deconstructie die ze ontlenen aan allang overleden Franse filosofen. Of zij hebben blauwdrukken voor opbouw die niet verder gaan dan Marxistische-Leninistische geschriften uit vorige eeuwen. Het is lastig om gelovigen te overtuigen. Zoals Paul Jay van het progressieve The Real News. Daarom een reactie die hem aanspreekt op emotie. Er zijn trouwens voldoende media zoals The Young Turks of Democracy Now! die een open blik en een progressieve politieke stellingname uitstekend weten te combineren. Maar The Real News of  counterpunch blijven hangen in oude vijandbeelden of juist het omgekeerde daarvan: oude vriendschappen tegen beter weten in.

Jay is the biggest distraction. Jay thinks in contradictions. Jay is bipolar and lost in political translation. Of course the Russian Federation under the Putin regime is an authoritarian state. With no state af law, with no sound and open political system, with less human rights and homo rights than ever before, with no sound climate policy and with no free press. The Reals News couldn’t exist in the Russian Federation, Jay. It would be closed down by the authorities. A Russian Federation is a state with no power to the people. The Kremlin is harming and destroying the Russian Federation. These are all important points progressive people should care about. And they do. But so it seems not Jay. Am I right?

Of course the U.S. under president Trump, but also under the presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama is a shame. Its arrogance is great. Its self image of being exceptional is grotesque. The U.S. is not exceptional. Fo a Western democracy it is only exceptional  in its shortcomings and inequality. Look at its poor health system. Since Citizen United the U.S. has a flawed political system. Big money own both political parties. The army, the arms industry, the multinationals and the financial institutions are more powerful players than the people. That is weird and shouldn’t be so in a real democracy.

But let’s not be bipolar, Jay. Putin is the enemy of the Russian people. The Russian army, arms industry, companies and financial institutions are more powerful players than the people. Exactly the same as in the U.S.. And as said, there is hardly a free press in the Russian Federation.

The U.S. under Trump is a big threat to the world. And also the laughing stock, but that is another aspect. And before this baby-president Trump Bush or Obama misbehaved enormously in the Middle East or Afghanistan. Caught by an incorrect structure they were part of and without being able to cope with it they had to held the wrong structure in the sky.

But let’s not be bipolar, Jay. If one wants to be a real journalist one has to look at all sides before crossing the street of journalism where one lives. And it seems you refuse to do that, Jay. Or something stops you from doing that. You can not reason clearly and openly any more. You only look at one side. And you see a terrible American society. And right you are. But that is not the whole story, Jay. You can’t stop halfway. Because if you do you are not any more a real journalist who is eager to know the truth. Then you are a journalist who only wants to know what’s wrong at the sunny side of the street whereupon the darkness dips. But Jay, there is also a terrible Russian society with a terrible authoritarian system which takes its own people hostage. You must have heard about that Jay. So tell it without hesitation or reservation. You do not have to block psychologically.

So, how should you behave if you want to be a real, impartial journalist? It is simple. You show what you see and what you know. Tell the facts before you Before you have made an opinion. Trump and the structure he represents is a disaster. And also is Putin and the structure he represents a disaster. To his own people, to the people of the Baltics, Poland and Ukraine and to the world. Jay, it is not necessary to make Putin’s deeds  less severe or unpleasant or mention his delusions only partially because the American state is even more damaging. That’s not objective journalism as it should be, Jay. That is political activism that laterally deals with journalism. Probably a lot of fun for you and confirmation of your self image, but an unusable method of informing a public. So Jay, come to yourself if you want to be a real journalist who shows all sides of one coin.

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