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Bernstein over KremlinGate: Actieve doofpot in Witte Huis

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Journalist Carl Bernstein is duidelijk, er is een actieve doofpot in het Witte Huis om de onderzoeken naar de relatie van Trump Team met het Kremlin te bemoeilijken. Raw Story citeert hem: ‘There is so far, as far as I know, from FBI sources, and sources on Capitol Hill, no there is a serious belief in the FBI, in the congressional committees, in the House and the Senate that there is an active cover-up going on involving trying to keep investigators from finding out what happened in terms of the Trump campaign, Trump associates, near the top of the campaign, and what happened in their associations with Russians. (..) And one of the things that the Congressional committees are very concerned about as is the FBI is that they don’t have the resources to conduct a proper investigation, and the White House is taking advantage of it. There are only seven investigators, many of them part-time, in the Congressional investigation in the House, not many more in the Senate, and it’s a reason why the White House does not want a special prosecutor or a select committee of the House and Senate and why increasingly members of Congress do want it.’

Regering Trump bemoeilijkt volgens Bernstein een onderzoek door onderzoekers de middelen te onthouden zodat zo’n onderzoek zo ondoelmatig mogelijk is. Wat Bernstein zegt is in lijn met de vertragingstactieken van de regering en het blokkeren van het aanstellen van een speciale aanklager of het instellen van een bijzondere onderzoekscommissie van Huis en Senaat. Vooralsnog gaat daarom de meeste energie van de journalistiek zitten in het ontrafelen van de doofpot over de doofpot. Dus het verhullen van de verhulling. Zo gaat het nog lang duren voordat de laatste tegel is gelicht over de samenwerking van Trump met het Kremlin.


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  1. If Carl Bernstein knows anything, he knows how anonymous sources can reveal how a high-level criminal cover-up can take an administration down. So when he stated that the FBI had a “serious belief” that there was an “active coverup” in the alleged coordination/collusion between the Trump campaign and a Russian effort to reveal the election last night on AC360, we take notice.

    George Knight

    22 april 2017 at 17:35

  2. In late August, Mr. Comey and his deputies were briefed on a provocative set of documents about purported dealings between shadowy Russian figures and Mr. Trump’s campaign. One report, filled with references to secret meetings, spoke ominously of Mr. Trump’s “compromising relationship with the Kremlin” and threats of “blackmail.”

    George Knight

    22 april 2017 at 18:33

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